Polyester staple fiber

We produce polyester staple fiber from post-consumer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. For getting recycled PET raw material – PET flakes, which are suitable for polyester staple fiber production, PET bottles must be sorted, shredded and washed out. After sorting other reusable suitable kinds of plastic are obtained, like HDPE, LDPE, PP and so on.

This recycled PET raw material is used for polyester staple fiber production, which is used as raw material for manufacturing of products in home textile industry: for fillings of pillows, blankets and others sewing’s, for production of non-woven material and so on.

We produce 100% recycled or semi virgin polyester staple fiber: solid 7 or 15 den, and hollow 7 den, cut to lengths of 32 or 64 millimeters.

Solid polyester staple fiber is produced mechanical crimped.

Hollow polyester staple fiber is produced mechanical crimped or conjugated (3D).

Various polyester staple fiber treatments are possible: siliconized, non-silicone treatment (“slick” fiber), with antibacterial agents or according to other customer’s requirements.

The polyester staple fiber we produce is tested and certified, has an Oeko-Teks 100 certificate.