Polyester staple fiber

We produce polyester staple fiber from post-consumer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. For getting recycled PET raw material – PET flakes, which are suitable for polyester staple fiber production, PET bottles…

Non-woven material

Thermal bonded non-woven material is made from recycled or virgin polyester staple fiber. It is suitable for furniture industry, for manufacturing of home textile products and so on. Non-woven material…

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are produced from renewable energy sources – firewood or wood sawdust. Wood pellets are considered a CO2 neutral product. Wood pellets are produced in 6 or 8 mm…

About the company

UAB “Dature” has been established in 1995 and was engaged in wholesale trade. It was producing home textile products in 2002-2005. It started production of non-woven material from polyester staple fiber in 2006. In Visaginas city municipality, in 2008 company founded its division and started to produce polyester staple fiber production from recycled PET bottles, also wood pellets.